With our Expertise and consult gives you safe
and higher return of in investment

Legal Certification

Investing in a property can be a wonderful experiment, but it can also often turn out to be a nightmare. Either the property you’re looking to invest in could be fraught with issues and risks OR the owner of the property that you’re looking to invest in could be a fraud.

To be on the safe side, it is prudent to eschew caution and rely on expert advice before finalizing the property deal. This is where, BIG REALTY through legal experts associated with banking, offers investors expert Legal Certification services that will give precise insights into whether the land/ property/ flat/agriculture land documents are legally correct or not.

The whole process involves legal verification, scrutiny, and authenticity of the property documents, with sole focus on any discrepancy, legal title, or any other issues.

Market Research

Based on area-wise, we conduct Market Research taking into account factors like property cost, estimation and property value evaluation and more.

Then based on market-research study report, we provide specialised and professional market-leading advice that will allow the investors to evaluate and take appropriate financial property-related decisions.

Our research deliverables gives the investors precise insights and intelligence to evaluate the purpose of investment and accordingly make informed decisions that will give them a competitive advantage.

Our accurate, and timely market research analysis and advice have time and again, proven to be critical to the success of investor client’s real estate transaction or financing.

Financial Services

We offer a comprehensive array of financial services to Investors touching upon areas ranging from Loans to Pre-Sales, Funding, and all property-related aspects. Drawing on their intricate industry knowledge, our sector specialists will leverage their long-standing expertise and assistance to effectively negotiate for loans and funds; lease renewals; and more.

Our sector-spanning knowhow balancing innovation, quality, and value, will cover the full lifecycle of your project needs from strategic planning to holistic solutions, implementation and after-project assistance, all the while taking into account risk-monitoring, to clients. 

Sales & Support

Our sales and support to Investors covers areas ranging from Purchase, to ownership, management, sales and etc (end to end process on property investment). The advice will be bespoke aimed at long-term relationships with investor clients and helping them make better property decisions.

The whole conduct of relationship of sales and support with our client investors is built on trust and integrity.