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Legal Certification

Legal assistance often proves extremely critical and vital when making property-related decisions.

We offer the highest quality Legal Certification services when you purchase as well as register properties in accordance with the governing state and central laws of India. Our guidance will ensure that the buyer is aware of the legal proceedings involved in registering the property.

Herein, our legal assistance will touch upon all of the requisite legal checks about the history of the property with regard to its third party rights / interests; ownership papers / title deeds; Government approved / freehold; tax payment receipts, etc, before giving consent with legal certification to the purchase.

This way, as a buyer, you are assured that the title is clear, marketable, and free from encumbrances and liabilities, thus mitigating the risks involved in property transactions.

Market Research

Getting detailed information about the real estate market in your targeted area can be challenging and difficult. This is where; you can count on our skilled research analysts who will provide you with quality real estate market research analysis and solutions with options.

Our specialists will leverage their long-standing expertise and capabilities with assistance from market-research tools and technologies, to deliver top-notch services that will give you the correct picture of the market trends prevalent in the area you are interested in, with solutions on how to go about in making your decisions on investment in real estate properties in the concerned area

Financial Services

Financial services to buyers cover support through selection of locality, finalizing the property, and closing the deal. Further, as part of the whole process, we also lend support in selecting and comparing the selection from various available options.

Our assistance also extends to guidance in getting access to financing of the property through various financial intermediaries. This way, you get greater control over your investment.

Also, our team of specialists will always be on hand to provide you expert advice on the prevalent market trends and how they may impact on financial decisions made later.

Sales & Support

Based on your budget, our Sales and Support services will ensure that the whole of your property sales process runs smoothly.

Firstly, we deal directly with the property owners for the property of your choice, and secondly, we ensure that the property you look for and are keen on, are directly sourced through our trusted agents.

Our support continues in the form of upgradation of scale and expertise to better serve your requirements, thus ensuring that you benefit from our market-intelligence and connections.